A great photograph has the power to change the world and a great photograph of YOU has the power to change YOU

– Gregory K

This is my incurable obsession. To create stunning images that change how women see themselves.

I draw my inspiration from Michelangelo sculptures and Botticielli paintings but also from the confidence that shines through when women let go of their insecurities and embrace their own undeniably unique beauty.

My goal is to travel everywhere, far and wide, showing those who only see the ordinary that they are, in fact, extraordinary. 

 -> That’s me. The bald guy <-

-> My little goaltender…

-> Meet my friend Winston <-

This is my dear friend Winston Roberts. The person who helped me lose a hundred pounds and the man who introduced me to the weight training and its beauty.

We were inseparable for many, many years, and now that he is gone I deeply regret not having more pictures to look at.

Go make some great memories and remember to capture every moment.

‘I was immediately struck by how kind, intelligent, and funny Gregory is. I felt complete at ease in his presence’ 

– Jennifer S.