Creating a photo session playlist to ensure amazing results is no longer a luxury.  

You need to feel fabulous and the right set of songs will do exactly that, but don’t forget your photographer. After all, you want them to feel the energy too!

Everything matters, and it all begins with a groovy playlist. So don’t leave it to the last minute and make creating one a priority.

Choose your songs carefully. Make a playlist that’s a couple of hours or so, hit that shuffle button if needed, and let the music do the rest.

If you don’t know where to start, perhaps you need some of these…


Brown Eyed Girl

Blowin’ Your Mind! – 1976 – Van Morrison

This is a must on any playlist even if you were not blessed with brown eyes. Any shade will do. This is a Van Morrison signature classic and to exclude it would be a grave sin.


Don’t Stop Believing

Escape – 1981 – Journey

This song was good enough to be featured in the finale of the Sopranos and so if it was good enough for James Gandolfini and David Chase, I wouldn’t mess with the Soprano’s crew and put it on there.

‘Creating a photo session playlist to ensure amazing results is no longer a luxury’


Single Ladies

I am… Sasha Fierce – 2008 – Beyonce

Not only did this song win three grammy awards in 2010 and was the song of the year, it has become a powerful anthem for women everywhere. It’s right up there with Respect by Aretha Franklin. You will move and groove to this for sure.



Despicable Me 2 Soundtrack – 2013 – Pharrell Williams

This may have been a touch overplayed when it first came out. The uber successful kids film might have had something to do with it but enough time has past for it to be included. This is such a soulful song, and well, it will make you happy.



Spice – 1996 – Spice Girls

No list is complete without a Spice Girl song and Wannabe might be the best candidate. This is a great uptempo number that will have you wondering what you want, what you really, really want. Hopefully that is an amazing experience and some stunning photos.

‘Don’t leave it to the last minute and make creating one a priority’


Sweet Child O’Mine

Appetite for Destruction – 1987 – Guns N’ Roses

Every playlist needs a bit of an edge, but instead of Where the Streets Have No Name, I highly recommend an eighties stadium classic. Every photoshoot needs a little bit of sweetness, some guns, and some fragrant roses.



(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? – 1995 – Oasis

The Gallager brothers were not bigger than the Beatles but I do like their moxie. Wonderwall was and is a huge hit and it has the kind of moxie you should bring to a photo session. If you don’t have it, Oasis might just do the trick and draw some of it out.

‘Have fun!’