Sometimes the camera lies! 

Ok, maybe it doesn’t really lie, that’s harsh, but it does sometimes mistranslate what it sees or sees what we wish to  hide, but how could it not? The camera is given a lot of responsibility. It has the task of reinterpreting something that is three dimensional and rendering it a two dimensional image, and let me tell you, that is oodles and oodles of responsibility, not to mention pressure.

And so the camera fibs a little, especially when it is handled by novice hands and the cost over time is tremendous. We have all become a bit discouraged when its time for a photos and some of us have learned to really hate having our picture taken at all. 

We have to remember that the art of photography is a very important way we can tell our stories and capture our lives. Removing ourselves from pictures because the camera tends to add a few pounds robs us from the fun of looking back on our life and sharing those memories with others.

The camera needs a little help!

One simple you can help being seen differently is to present yourself differently.  Remember that the way you sit or stand will greatly determine the quality of the images that are taken.

There is a non-surgical, non-invasive remedy for all this, and it is very simple and super easy to do. It’s a hack that takes but four simple steps. Follow them and fall in love with yourself all over again.



Step One

Hire a good photographer and forget the other steps. He will do all of the hard work with you.

Step Two

Stand straight and slowly roll your shoulders back to assume a much better posture.

Step Three

Imagine that someone has placed a suction cup on top of your head and it is stretching your beautiful neck as far as it will go.

Step Four

Without changing your posture or lowering your neck in any way, move your chin forward. Move it as far as you can toward the camera.



That’s it!

Good posture alone is powerful enough to make you look and more importantly FEEL better. It will make you taller, stronger, more confident, and you can’t photoshop that!